Stained Glass Fabrication

Our stained glass fabrication happens in our studio. We do this as to make sure every detail is meticulously managed as to make sure it’s kept up to quality. We manufacture a variety of different types of glass. Far and away though, our stained glass window fabrication is one of the jobs that we most proud of. All of our stained glass windows are crafted to our extremely high standards, expertly decorated, and installed right to your specifications. When finished, every piece is carefully fitted and checked by our stained glass installers for a perfect and secure fit.

Stencil Maker

Our in house stencil maker, makes it so that anything from small glasses to window panes can be given the elaborate design treatment. Wine glasses and other small pieces of glass are perfect for simple and elegant designs. These types of glass objects are coated with a protective layer of coating. Then slowly a design is etched into the right spot exactly to your desired specifications. We apply the same methodology to our large panes of glasses to make sure that everything, from the color to the exact etching is perfectly applied.

Stained Glass Protective Covering

While our glass may look elegant and fragile, every piece made has a stained glass protective covering applied to enhance their rigidity. Our stained glass fabrication has our coverings integrated into the very essence of our design work to make sure they are always protected. With our stained glass protective coating, you get the very best of elegance, strength and design prowess with our studio